Het EHBO Huis

Learn about safety – anytime, anywhere – make a difference!

FAFS training

Both full course and refresher classes. FAFS is mandatory for companies with more than 1 employee.

The highest quality in training

Independent certification, including for child care

First aid training

From life-saving operations to a minor abrasion, it happens everywhere. Learn how to act quickly and safely.

First aid is invaluable

Learn life-saving operations

VCA and VCA-VOL training

VCA is required by more and more companies before you start as an employee. We will guide you to the official exam.

Basic safety, health and environmental knowledge

Recognize and avoid dangerous situations and actions

Training with multiple extinguishers, so you know what to expect from an extinguishing attempt

Our instructor team is always looking for ways to make a workout even more educational and fun. You, the student and also we ourselves do not benefit from a course that is perceived as boring.

Of much greater importance is that trainees go home at the end of a training course feeling good and perceiving that they have learned something that can be very useful to them (and possibly your company), at a later stage.

Why Het EHBO Huis?

Prices often vary everywhere

Training sessions vary v.w.w. layout and type. FAFS training new, or just repetition. But also of importance is the location: in-company training or at a location close to u. Het EHBO Huis will make you an appropriate and realistic offer.

Experienced instructors

Our instructors have experience in a variety of safety fields such as the fire department, first aid, aviation and marine safety. This ensures that they teach from practice and can address your questions in good conscience.

Training with real resources

Trainings at Het EHBO Huis are conducted with real fires, real extinguishers and real bandages so you know how something feels or how something works.

Need advice or have special needs?

We are happy to help. Contact us by calling or emailing. Or leave a message and we’ll get back to you soon.

Reviews from our customers

user (3)
"A great day. Although I knew the basics, I learned many new things."
D. Brons
user (3)
"CPR seems like such an automatism, but I personally always find it very important to practice it more often."
C. van der Haar
user (3)
"It was extremely educational to walk through the company and look at safety and escape routes with different eyes."
W. Folker
user (3)
"The trainers gave good practical examples, both from aviation and from the fire department, which made me look at certain situations differently myself."
J. Scholten
user (3)
"SCC for our employees gives an extra support regarding safety. I was happy to take it myself as well, so that I too can provide a safer working environment."
S. de Vries
user (3)
"Thanks to the refresher course, we looked more closely at escape routes and especially at the correct assembly point. We let the kids gather outside, but in the company across the street afterwards is much safer."
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