FAFS training

FAFS training


Both full course and refresher classes. FAFS is mandatory for companies with more than 1 employee.


Why Company Emergency Response?

Legislation and company emergency response

The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that companies are required to take measures in the field of occupational emergency response. Every employer is required to organize proper in-house emergency response and to designate one or more FAFS officers in this regard. When determining the method of emergency response and the number of FAFS personnel, one must always consider the size of the company and the risks involved. It is very important, for example, whether someone can take over the duties of a FAFS officer in his or her absence. Also consider vacations, illness or furloughs.

Residual damage and corporate assistance

A well-equipped and practiced FAFS organization can limit a lot of damage for an employer. FAFS can be at the scene of an incident in minutes. Thus, rapid relief efforts can begin. A rapidly contained fire, difference-making Life-Saving Operations. Of course, that first deployment creates a very different outcome of an incident for the employer. Company emergency response has proved invaluable.

Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E).

At EHBO Huis, we are happy to take care of the Risk Inventory & Evaluation – required by law – for you. Based on this RI&E, we make the Plan of Action and give you the correct and concrete information to set up or maintain your FAFS organization.

Our instructor team is always looking for ways to make a workout even more educational and fun. You, the student and also we ourselves do not benefit from a course that is perceived as boring. Of much greater importance is that trainees go home at the end of a training course feeling good and perceiving that they have learned something that can be very useful to them (and possibly your company), at a later stage.



Specification Description
Duration A full training course (have not had FAFS before) takes 16 hours; a refresher training course takes 8 hours. These trainings can be spread over several days and/or evenings
Certificate You will receive a certificate of participation from your employee, this is your legal proof that your employee has completed the training and can be a BHVer in your company for two years. The employee will also receive a certificate of participation in person.
Group size We can teach a maximum of 15 people per instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

The trainers at EHBO Huis are passionate and enthusiastic. Safety is their second nature. This results in lessons that are not only instructive due to broad background, but interesting at the same time. As a result, lessons are often enjoyable and not just an obligation.

You can contact us in several ways to make an appointment or request information.

We can be reached by phone at 085 – 0600 755 (during a training session we cannot always answer the phone).

Email us at: info@er-trainers.nl.

Or use our contact form on the contact page.

First aid courses can be reimbursed up to 100% by health insurance companies. Because they understand the importance of prevention – “prevention is better than cure. Reimbursement depends on the health insurance company and which additional module(s) have been purchased. Basic insurance does not reimburse this. Check online for reimbursements in 2022, for example at https://shop.rodekruis.nl/vergoeding-zorgverzekering


  • Certified instructors
  • Legally valid certificates
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