First aid training

First aid training

First aid saves lives

Do you know what to do in an accident? With the right actions, you can prevent worse. First Aid House trainers will train you in the most important life-saving procedures, both for adults and for children and babies.

You will learn to recognize syndromes and make choices: do I provide first aid myself, should I take the victim to the doctor, or should I even call 911?

We provide training according to the Red Cross curriculum. After the training, we assess whether you can perform the operations properly-and safely. Also featured is the updated look at more serious accidents: Stop The Bleeding, Save A Life (SDBREL).

Knowledge of first aid is vital for everyone. So make sure you know what to do.


Becoming-and staying-competent

There are no exams at Red Cross courses. The instructor will teach you the skills and then assess your ability to perform them properly-and safely. From experience, this gives students peace of mind, which often makes them better able to apply the (life-saving) actions.



Specification Description
Duration our courses can be taken by full classroom or blended learning. In the mixed variant, you take part by e-learning and practice the practical skills in the classroom.
Duration The length of time depends on the course chosen.
Preliminary training No special prior training is required.
Certificate The trainee receives a certificate of participation, this is legally valid for e.g. Wet IKK.
Group size Group size is a maximum of 12 people per instructor. EHBO Huis can have multiple instructors teach classes.


Life-saving operations

After alerting 112, it can legally take up to 15 minutes for an ambulance to reach you. A victim often does not have that luxury in terms of time. Knowing-and being able to perform-life-saving actions can then make an invaluable difference. Learn the skills to make that difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

The trainers at EHBO Huis are passionate and enthusiastic. Safety is their second nature. This results in lessons that are not only instructive due to broad background, but interesting at the same time. As a result, lessons are often enjoyable and not just an obligation.

You can contact us in several ways to make an appointment or request information.

We can be reached by phone at 085 – 0600 755 (during a training session we cannot always answer the phone).

Email us at:

Or use our contact form on the contact page.

First aid courses can be reimbursed up to 100% by health insurance companies. Because they understand the importance of prevention – “prevention is better than cure. Reimbursement depends on the health insurance company and which additional module(s) have been purchased. Basic insurance does not reimburse this. Check online for reimbursements in 2022, for example at


The price depends on the Red Cross course you choose. These can be found here.

  • 7.6 million accidents per year in the Netherlands
  • Provide assistance for minor and major injuries
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